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Our laboratory explores simple and rapid methods for nucleic acid analyses, with goals to provide better ways to expedite research and perform clinical diagnostic tests. In the past two decades, our laboratory developed the following technologies now commonly used in research and clinical applications:

• Rapid-cycle PCR
• Real-time PCR using SYBR Green I
• Fluorescent DNA melting analysis
• Real-time automated detection
• Dual hybridization probes
• High-resolution melting analysis
• Unlabeled probes and snapback primers

In order to study new methods, we often need to build prototype instruments (menu to the left) and write our own software (tabs below). Our software is free to use without any registration.


melting curve

High-Resolution Melting
Many of our current studies focus on High-Resolution Melting Analysis. High-density data acquisition and precision temperature control are used during melting so that PCR products (amplicons) can be genotyped, scanned for mutations, or matched for sequence identity directly after PCR, just by melting!
See our instrument comparisons figure

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