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An Introduction to the Lab

The Wittwer DNA Lab is comprised of individuals with expertise in molecular diagnostics, mechanical engineering, mathematics and software development. With the guidance of Dr. Carl Wittwer (Principal Investigator) and Dr. Bob Palais (UVU Mathematics Faculty), these areas of expertise allow the lab to successfully develop technologies for simpler and faster DNA analysis. A detailed lab profile was published in Biotechniques (November, 2008).

Molecular Diagnostics

High resolution melting, assay development, and real-time PCR are the focus of the lab's molecular diagnostics research. Members with an expertise in molecular diagnostics include Luming Zhou (Academic Inventor), Rob Pryor (Research Scientist), John Quackenbush (Lab Specialist), Endi Moric (Lab Tech), and Kimberly Brown (Research Analyst).


A small group of engineers with a focus in mechanical engineering, optics, thermal cycling, and biochemistry with the goal of advancing medical instrumentation include Jim Trauba (Engineer) and Nick Rejali (Bioengineer).

Software and Mathematics

From building interactive web applications to computational simulations, our software/math group is dedicated to providing our lab's expertise in publicly accessible software form and includes Robert Palais (Researcher / UVU Faculty), Adam Millington (Scientific Programmer) and Zachary Dwight (Web Systems Manager). Read about our software development methods...

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